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Ikonz – Investment Note

With the rise of the metaverse, major brands and artists are looking for partners to facilitate their entry into the next era of user engagement. Ikonz is a metaverse company that helps IP owners, artists and other established icons manage their digital assets.

NGRAVE – Investment Thesis

NGRAVE is a Belgium-based security-focused hardware cryptocurrency wallet developer that is building an end-to-end solution for safely holding and using digital assets.

Biconomy Investment Thesis

Biconomy's mission is to solve User Experience in Web3. Biconomy simplifies blockchain transactions for applications to build on. Biconomy's tools allow developers to build optimum UX for their users. It’s the invisible underlying layer powering the Web3 ecosystem.

Covalent Investment Thesis

Covalent is a real-time data provider of blockchain transaction data to corporations, investors, consulting firms, and dApps that can use the data to study decentralized applications. Covalent solves a critical problem and is developed by passionate builders.

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