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NFT Royalty Dilemma

Introduction The NFT space has been shrouded in controversy recently. The ongoing debate on creator royalties and whether…

Investing in Itheum

Itheum is a decentralized data brokerage platform that transforms personal data into a highly tradable asset class.

Ethereum Merge Decoded

The Merge is a transition in how Ethereum’s decentralized network achieves consensus, from proof of work to proof of stake. It merges together the ETH mainnet (live since July 2015) with the Beacon Chain (December 1, 2020), which have been running in parallel.

State of MEV Post Merge

Introduction Decentralized Finance (DeFi) aims to disrupt finance through decentralized technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Despite the…

Are we building Web3 games?

When teams started to build web3 games which utilized the P2E (Play-to-Earn) dynamics, the feedback that everyone received was to compare the quality of web3 games with web2 games that have high-definition graphics and engaging gaming loops. As a knee jerk reaction to this feedback, developers started to bring all elements of the current gaming industry into their games. In this race, we lost the vision and opportunity that web3 offers and how unique a design space these games unlock.

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