Airbnb and Palantir Angel Investor, Anderson Tan, Joins a Top-Performing Blockchain Venture Capital Firm

Anderson Tan

Mr. Anderson is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and ex-professional video game player

September 14, 2020: Serial entrepreneur and seasoned angel investor, Anderson Tan, has announced his involvement in multi-asset, top-performing VC firm Woodstock Fund. With upcoming exits in Airbnb and Palantir, he is set to be Managing Partner of Woodstock Capital Fund II.

In his new role, Tan aims to further the vision of Woodstock Fund by introducing his extensive global network, contributing his expertise in building ecosystems, and sourcing high-impact and high-potential blockchain startups to invest in. As a partner, Tan will oversee fundraising and ecosystem development at Woodstock Capital Fund II.

Woodstock is in a prime position to enable the funding ecosystem further with the next few years being critical to shaping the future of humanity where digital assets will become the norm.

Currently, Woodstock Fund boasts a robust core team composed of seasoned professionals and corporate leaders. Woodstock’s current team has created immense value for their respective portfolio companies and helped them scale. They all have extensive personal track records of over 40 successful exits combined and an excellent Woodstock Capital Fund I performance.

Woodstock Fund team immediately caught my attention the first time I met them when I was passionately building the Holochain ecosystem.” says Tan upon his appointment as Managing Partner at Woodstock Capital Fund II. “It’s hard to find such intelligent and genuine individuals in a highly crowded, highly polluted space”.

Tan further says of Woodstock, “they were able to participate in a rather difficult-to-access private dealflow that even I couldn’t get into at that time, promptly piquing my interest. The Woodstock team also has a very active yet non-controlling management style over the investee companies, which is where very much of the success comes from along with their integrity, track record, network, and dealflow.” Tan was initially an LP at Woodstock Capital Fund I then was invited as an advisor and finally since he didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime, he joined as a managing partner.

Tan’s appointment will further strengthen the team, giving Woodstock Fund a competitive advantage especially in exponential technologies. He possesses an impressive decade-long track record of investing in 100+ companies globally. He also has a success rate of 12.5% for startup equity investments.

He is also a partner in Launchgarage, one of the fastest-growing technology startup accelerator firms in South East Asia. Tan believes that decentralized and distributed technologies will be the most sought after technologies post-COVID. One of his Launchgarage partners is the co-founder of Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play Tech Center, one of the largest accelerators and VC firms in the world.

Tan has built a vast global network, investing in companies such as Impossible Foods, Circle, Coursera, UBeam, The Honest Co., Icon3D, Kinghtscope, Shapeways, Emerge, Matternet, Ursa Space Systems, Singularity University,  MicroVentures,, and

Among his other successful investments are Holochain, Band, Elrond, Zilliqa, Algorand, Tezos, Bancor, Ontology, Omisego, FTX, and many more. Tan also has an impressive track record of exits in the technology space, including heavyweight unicorn companies like Lyft, Pinterest, Docusign, Anaplan, Wave, Cloudera, Nanorep, and Snapchat.

He has currently refocused his efforts to build and nurture the blockchain and distributed ledger space where he has enjoyed a success rate of over 30% for investments in blockchain companies. Tan is extremely passionate about blockchain with the positive impact it has as ‘the internet of value’. Just as the internet was built on TCP-IP, most businesses will be built on top of this next-gen protocol. It is expected that businesses not using blockchain will become obsolete by the mid-2020s.

Some of the many industries that benefit from the application of blockchain include Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Video Games, E-sports, Supply Chain, Identity, Charity, Payments, Remittance, and money

Tan looks up to Tim Draper as his mentor, who said that blockchain is “bigger than the internet. It’s bigger than the Iron Age, the Renaissance. It’s bigger than the Industrial Revolution.” Draper is a billionaire venture capitalist and early investor of Skype, Hotmail, and Tesla.

Tan also admires Elon Musk for his first principles and his thinking for the survivability of the human race. Tan has adopted this way of thinking, including intuition which is the highest form of intelligence, tailoring it to his own way of building ecosystems. He is an investor in several of Musk’s companies including Tesla, Solar City, Hyperloop One, and SpaceX. 

Tan is a space geek, investing in several space companies such as Planetary Resources, and Astrobotic through the Space Angels Network. “I strongly believe that the new space economy will be based on new economic systems. These new systems will be done through blockchain solutions as the current systems are no longer sustainable and prone to cycles. We will be creating more beggars on the moon and homeless people on Mars if we don’t solve this first on Earth. Welcome to the regenerative era. Welcome to blockchain.”

Tan is an alumnus of Draper University, Singularity University, International Space University, Wharton, Hive, Center for Creative Leadership, Asian Institute of Management, Dale Carnegie Training, Landmark Education, Oxford Brookes University, Thames, and over a hundred online courses.

About Woodstock Fund:

Founded in 2019, Woodstock Fund is a multi-asset global investment fund, focusing on investments in public blockchains, Decentralized Finance, Tokenization and Web 3.0 protocols. The Fund invests in equity, convertibles and tokens in both listed and unlisted space. Woodstock works at the intersection of technology and value creation alongside its portfolio companies to help them scale and grow their ecosystem.

Their portfolio companies include Holochain, Elrond, Casper Labs, Brand Protocol, Marlin Protocol, Stafi, Frontier, Unilend, AllianceBlock, Covalent and Paraswap.

Financial inclusion and poverty alleviation are important to Woodstock. They invest in scalable startups. They build ecosystems that create grounds for expression and inclusion. Their vision is to become a marquee fund house in this decade, funding emerging technologies like blockchain that are about the expression and inclusion of human potential.

Woodstock’s mission is to unlock the potential of blockchain technology, creating immense investment opportunities that can offer multi-bagger returns to investors.

Woodstock’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who have built companies from the ground up, achieved consumer traction, and successfully exited businesses. They also have operating teams in India and Southeast Asia.

Woodstock Capital Fund II is actively speaking with many prospective strategic investors to further the vision and scale of Woodstock.

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